Do you want to MAKE
and WELL-MADE AR books?

Make reading experiences beyond the pages
ARsmith is the base technology of

What you can do with ARSMITH

Publish AR books

ARSMITH allows books with any contents to be Augmented, even only with texts.

Meet living books at home

Prepare any monitor and cam in your house. Now you are ready for enjoying AR world with ARSMITH.

Vivid memories in albums

Recollect your memories by re-create your photo into vivid AR.

Teach lively in classrooms

Course materials with extended sensory input allows you to have better teaching environment.

Live experiences in Manual

It is better to try it than to see it. Your working efficiency will  grow dramatically with ARSMITH.

Make unique means of promotion

Your ordinary leaflets, pamphlets, catalogs and brochures will become special via ARSMITH.

Want to know about ARSMITH - AR papers authoring technology? Want to add AR technology to your books?

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